A few weeks ago, I was tasked with creating a 5 minute yoga sequence to showcase my abilities as an instructor. My first reaction was panic – there was no way I could teach a full, cohesive sequence in only 5 minutes.  As a yoga teacher, I personally feel most comfortable leading opening and closing meditations but with such limited time, I would have to forgo my favorite elements.

While learning class sequencing in my teacher training, we focused on balancing a class, specifically, incorporating equal amounts of back bends, forward folds, lateral movement, and twists.  This approach offers 6 complete movements of the spine, opening the body’s core energy channels and lubricating the spinal column.  Thus came the inspiration for this quick, energizing 5 minute flow. It includes all 6 movements of the spine and balances different types of poses.

This sequence can be done anywhere;  your backyard, your kitchen, or home office, and at any time; in the morning or during that afternoon slump. No equipment is needed, although I do recommend a yoga mat.

Sequence with Breath

Begin in table top position, hands stacked under shoulders and knees stacked under hips. Inhale and arch the spine while lifting the chin and pelvis towards the ceiling. Cow pose.

Exhale and round the spine, pelvis tucks and chin drops to chest. Cat pose. Repeat 2x.

Hands walk a few inches in front of the shoulders and toes tucks. Keep slight bend at the knees and press the hips up and back. Downward facing dog. Pedal the feet and breath into the back of the legs for a hamstring stretch.

Inhale, lift the right towards the ceiling and step in between the hands. Left foot spins at a 90 degree angle and bend into the right knee. Hips angle to the long edge of the mat, shoulders stack over hips, and arms lift to T. Warrior 2.

Exhale, left hand slides down the left leg, right arm reaches overhead. Gaze can come to the right finger tips. Dancing Warrior.

Inhale to life. Should stack over hips. Arms at a T. Warrior 2.

Exhale, right elbow finds the right knee or right hand finds the mat. Left arm reaches over head. Reach through the left heel and left finger tips. Side Angle.

Exhale, hands spin down to the mat. Feet step back a legs length and balance on the ball of the feet. Plank pose.

Inhale, lift left arm overhead, stack left foot on right foot. Open to long edge of the mat and gaze can come to the left hand. Side Plank.

Exhale release left hand back to the mat, hands re-stack under the shoulders. Keep a soft bend at the knees and press the hips up and back. Downward facing dog.

Repeat on right side and cycle through as many times as you like.

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