The universe is here to reveal unlimited splendor – Infinite diversity of expression. No one can withstand her allure.

– Sutra 72, The Radiance Sutras


 I don’t believe in the idea of perfect wellness. I believe in cookies and kale, meditating and Netflix, running and red wine. Wellness is not a concept; it is a feeling, unique for each individual. The Wellness Edit is not a food blog; it’s not a fitness blog. Rather, it is a collection of small, daily changes or edits for a healthy mind, body, and soul.


Hello! My name is Hannah and I am so happy you are here. The Wellness Edit is my baby, dreamed up after years and years of existing in the wellness world. I am a certified 200-hr yoga instructor and 90% plant-based vegan (I can’t resist a good cheese plate!). I love all things in nature, lifting heavy things, reading thrillers, and eating carbs.

Paris, France

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